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Guided walking or cycling tour in English offers guided tours for groups in Leiden, Delft, Dordrecht, Gouda, The Hague, Haarlem and Amsterdam in English, French and German. In addition to the tours we can arrange lunch, dinner, coffee & sweets, admission to museums, boat trips and any other activity or citygame you might wish to undertake with your group.

Price 2019 guided tour (walking or cycling):  1,5 hrs. € 92,50 excl. 21% VAT (excl. Amsterdam)

Price 2020 guided tour (walking or cycling):  1,5 hrs. € 97,50 excl. 21% VAT

Additional booking charge: € 15,- 
Number of persons: max. 20 persons per guide


Prices for other time spans on request.

Bike rental not included and on request.


Price 2019 guided tour Amsterdam: 2 hrs. € 10,50 p.p. excl. 21% VAT

Price 2020 guided tour Amsterdam: 2 hrs. € 11,00 p.p. excl. 21% VAT
Additional booking charge: € 15,- 
Number of persons: min. 10, max. 20 persons per guide

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Urban Legends Walk

A very special walking tour is the Urban Legends Walk, the most fun way to get to know a city. 
Every city has its urban legends, those stories that are being told again and again, but whose veracity is doubtful. And then again, there are stories which sound completely preposterous, but which are actually true.
Can you distinguish between true and false?

Our guide will tell you about the city and its history. And after his story he will ask you: Is this true or false? It’s up to your group to decide, but of course the guide will throw in all his or her cunning and persuasion to convince you. So in the end each member of your group will end up with a score: who is the doubting Thomas and who the acute listener?

The Urban Legends Walk is available in Leiden, Delft and The Hague.

Price: € 132,50 ex 21% VAT
Additional booking charge: € 15,- 
Duration: 1,5 hrs.
Max. 20 persons per guide.

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Guided walking tour in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is of course well known for numerous reasons, be they coffeeshops, the red light district or the Rijksmuseum. Already in the 17th century Amsterdam was the biggest city of the emerging state of the Netherlands and ever since it has remained the only true metropolis of the land. With its own particular atmosphere Amsterdam is a joy to visit, both for its history, its canals and its museums as for the many hidden treasures it harbours. 

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Guided walking tour in Leiden

Leiden has a beautiful 17th-century historic centre. At one time the second largest city of the Republic after Amsterdam it can boast a rich history. Rembrandt van Rijn was born in Leiden and learnt his craft with a Leiden painter. In Leiden the first university of the new state of the Netherlands was established. You might want to visit the botanical gardens of the university, which are over 400 years old. Leiden also houses a great number of internationally renowned museums, all worth a visit.

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Guided walking tour in Delft

Well known as the birthplace of Vermeer and Delftware, the city has more on offer: a beautifully preserved city centre with two magnificent churches immediately catches the eye. There are strong links between Delft and Dutch royalty and our guides can delight you with many anecdotes.

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Guided walking tour in Dordrecht

In 1299 Dordrecht received staple rights from the Count of Holland. This meant that all goods brought by river and passed through Dordrecht were to be presented first on the market of the town. The city grew and by the middle of the 14th century it reached its heyday.

Artisans and merchants came from far and wide to locate here. Dordrecht was actually the Rotterdam of the late Middle Ages: a transit port with a huge hinterland.

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Guided walking tour in Gouda

Gouda is more than the city of cheese and “stroopwafels” (lit. syrup waffles). The beautiful town of Gouda can best be traversed on foot. This city has surprising views and fascinating stories. Gouda received city rights in 1272 by Count Floris V. It had a harbor and was important for the route and trade between Flanders and France on the one hand and Holland and the Baltic Sea on the other.

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Guided walking tour in Haarlem

One of the most beautiful cities in Holland with a rich history and stunning cityscapes, Haarlem offers a treasure trove for every tourist. Also, Haarlem is the town where painter Frans Hals resided, as is still commemorated by the museum which bears his name.

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Guided walking tour in The Hague

Seat of the Dutch government The Hague also boasts many international institutions, such as the International Court of Justice. The Hague has a fascinating history, as through the ages many national events of importance took place here.

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Citygame Stadsganzenbord

Available in English in Amsterdam, The Hague, Delft, Leiden

‘Ganzenbord’ – ‘The Goose Game’ to give it a literal translation – is a traditional Dutch board game for children which every Dutch child and adult is familiar with, and has played.

We have developed a real life variant of the game, which is also available in English (knowledge of the board game is no prerequisite!).

Can you find your way in Rembrandt’s Leiden or in 17th century The Hague or in Vermeer’s Delft? Or the other way around, would anyone from the 17th century be able to find his way in the contemporary cities? With an original streetplan from the 17th century in hand you will have to find your way through the historic city, using landmarks from the past. You’ll be surprised by many details on both map and in the actual city. You’ll learn a lot about the Golden Age. And hopefully you won’t get lost.

Your group will be divided in smaller teams, each with their 17th century streetplan. On a succession of locations you’ll have to answer questions or execute assignments. Who will gather the highest number of points?

Including: 1 streetplan , questionnaire, pen and die per team
Plus (in Leiden): admission to the botanical garden and Museum Boerhaave
Plus (Amsterdam, The Hague and Delft): coffee and pastry
Duration: approx. 2 hours
Price: € 13,95 excl. 21% VAT p.p.
(Amsterdam € 15,95 excl. 21% VAT)
(excl. € 15,- additional booking charge)

Number of persons: at least 8 persons. Prices on request for smaller groups.

If you only want to do the puzzle tour:


This arrangement is not escorted by a guide.

Request more information for Citygame Stadsganzenbord by a company or by private group


Escape in the City

Available in English in Amsterdam, The Hague, Delft, Leiden 

The city as an escaperoom, time is running out and riddles, puzzles, mysteries and codes are the only solution to escape from this city! What awaits you at the Escape in the City:

Upon receipt you are given a welcome drink. There follows a detailed explanation of the game. Then your group is diveded into teams. The teams will compete with eachother.
By solving all kinds of puzzles, puzzles, codes, cryptograms and other games you get time and again a new code or instruction. On the basis of games on certain locations, your team can earn bonus clues. Also, you can come in possession of a crucial tool! Which group does solve everthing first and receives the key to the city !?
At the end of the game everyone returns to the same point. While enjoying a last drink there is the awards ceremony.

Including: 2 coffee/tea/soda, accompaniment, materials and a price for the winning team
Duration: approx. 3 hours
Price: € 33 incl. VAT p.p.
Additional booking charge  € 15,-

Number of persons: at least 12 persons, maximum 30 persons.